Relaxing exfoliating massage for soft and smooth skin. The fruit enzymes of fresh papaya and a special sea sand complex remove dead skin. Coconut oil nourishes the skin while pampering it with valuable nutrients. The ideal base for an especially long-lasting and even tan.

approx. 40 minutes € 49,00

Relaxing, pampering massage with different products. Supports the drainage of the lymphatic system, improves the elasticity of the connective tissue, has a smoothing and firming effect on the skin.

approx. 60 minutes € 69,00

Intensive body care with valuable minerals and vitamins to improve the skin. The tissue is activated and purified, the skin visibly refined and tightened.

approx. 60 minutes € 51,00

Intensive moisturizing body pack that improves the appearance and elasticity of the skin by high lipid intake. After a pampering and a wonderfully fragrant massage, the skin is soft and smooth.

approx. 60 minutes € 51,00

Prelude Marin + sea salt mix: mineralizes your skin, removes dead skin cells, refines the skin, stimulates microcirculation and increases the capacity to absorb active ingredients.

approx. 60 minutes € 77,00

Prelude Marin + massage with aromatherapy care + algae:
Experience this unique synergy of care and fragrance treatment. The effects of pure sea mud and essential oils complement each other in a harmonious fashion. Good for your figure, helps relieve tired, heavy legs, relaxes and boosts your vitality.

60 minutes € 77,00

Get to know our product:

  • 1 problem zone exfoliation
  • 1 !QMS body wrapping with body shape

1 treatment approx:  60 minutes € 59,00 / 3 treatments € 159,00

We recommend a full body peeling before a bath so that the skin can better absorb the nurturing ingredients.

approx. 15 minutes € 31,00