Cleanses gently, has a soothing effect and leaves the skin fresh and supple.

ca. 20 minutes € 41

  • with Propolis lotion, has a balancing effect and moisturizes
  • with marmot oil – relieves aching muscles and joints, enhances the immune system
  • with arnica lotion – enhances blood circulation, has a cooling effect and alleviates sprains and aching muscles
  • with St John’s wort lotion – has a sooting effect, relieves fatigue and insomnia, alleviates sunburns and dry skin

Full body massage ca. 50 minutes € 65
Partial massage ca. 20 minutes € 41

  • with Propolis – “the heavenly nectar” –  with yarrow and mullein, has a moisturizing effect
  • with St John’s wort cream – “calming for skin and nerves – soothing, very beneficial for sunburns and rough skin
  • with arnica cream – “the healing power” – has a refreshing, invigorating and healing effect

ca. 20 minutes € 48

with arnica tonic – has a refreshing and invigorating effect

ca. 20 minutes € 41

  • Honey peeling massage with mountain crystal salt
  • Honey-Swiss stone pine bath

ca. 55 minutes € 73

  • Herbal footbath
  • Relaxing full body massage with hot herbal pouches
  • Combined head and face massage with St John’s wort-arnica or propolis lotion

ca. 80 minutes € 102

  • full body honey peeling massage
  • honey-Swiss Stone pine relaxation bath
  • herbal foot bath
  • relaxing full body massage with steam-heated herbal pouches
  • head and face massage

package price: € 165