Spa & Wellness Baths


Baths in the whirltub

A bath with pure sea salt. While you relax the body functions are stimulated. The bath alleviates skin problems, and has a purifying and detoxifying effect. approx. 20 minutes € 38,00 for one person € 49,00 in pairs
Classic Thalasso bath with micro-algae in pure, natural form. This maritime power package of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids stimulates the metabolism, purifies, detoxifies, moisturizes, relaxes, remineralizes and has a firming effect on the entire body. approx. 20 minutes € 38,00 for one person € 49,00 in pairs
Immerse yourself in a sea of luxurious ingredients. Feel the effect of algae and plants and natural essential oils in this pleasently scented bath. Individually selected precious essences with a firming, fat reducing, or calming effect, just as you wish. approx. 20 minutes € 38,00 for one person € 49,00 in pairs
The feel-good bath. Seductive tropical scents like in a blue lagoon. The microalgae Spirulina and Dunaliella support the skin in the defense against free radicals. Water lily extract soothes, moisturizes and tones. Essential oils, vitamins and flavonoids stimulate microcirculation and strengthen the capillary walls. And you can wonderfully relax... approx. 20 minutes € 38,00 for one person € 49,00 in pairs
Relaxing bath which appeals to all senses. Exotic oils and lotions, mixed with a specially mild, moisturizing bath gel, provides valuable vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Leaves your skin soft and smooth. approx. 20 minutes € 38,00 for one person € 49,00 in pairs
A wonderful fragrant beauty bath which makes the skin soft and supple, accompanied by a glass of fresh milk from our own farm. approx. 20 minutes € 38,00 for one person € 49,00 in pairs
A very relaxing bath to alleviate joint pain and rheumatic complaints. Clears the respiratory system and is good for skincare. Tiroler Steinöl® (shale oil) has a very high content of organically bound sulphur which has healing and pain-relieving properties. approx. 20 minutes € 38,00 for one person € 49,00 in pairs  
A relaxing bath with soothing natural bioactive essences. Is especially effective for muscle aches and regenerates the body. The ingredients in the honey have a slightly antibacterial, smoothing and moisturizing effect. approx. 20 minutes € 38,00 for one person € 49,00 in pairs


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Floating bed spa treatments

The bath with wine-Marc gets you an intensive skin-moisture penetration. The contained fruit acid effects relaxing, refines and tightens the skin. approx. 25 minutes € 42,00
Insprired by Cleopatra who used to bathe in pure donkey milk, we mix milk with essential oils. This nourishing and fragrant mixture makes the skin soft and smooth. approx. 25 minutes € 42,00
Just dream and relax. Wonderfully fragrant essential oils are applied to your body and then we wrap you in soft fleece. The warm water floating bed is wonderfully comfortable. Relaxation for body, mind and soul. approx. 25 minutes € 42,-
We use hay from our own farm. Various types of grass, flowers and herbs have an interesting combination of active ingredients. The soaking of hay in water releases the essential oil coumarin which is the main active ingredient. There is hardly a better way to alleviate chronic joint problems such as osteoarthritis. In addition, hay baths are effective against fatigue. approx. 40 minutes € 46,00
The mixture of high-quality creams and oils is especially recommended for dry skin. The most valuable ingredient is evening primrose oil which is also used in dermatology. The creme is applied to your body, and while you relax the precious mixture can moisturize and soften your skin. approx. 25 minutes € 42,00
The micro-powered algae of the body pack effect moisturising and untighten the musculature. The skin gets provided with valuable vitamins and minerals. approx. 25 minutes € 42,00
Healing chalk from the island of Ruegen soothes irritated skin, stimulates the metabolism and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Very soothing full body treatment. approx. 30 minutes € 42,00
Mudpacks have a detoxifying and relaxing effect. The metabolism is stimulated and you will feel really fit! A subsequent massage is working miracles for your wellbeing. approx. 40 minutes € 46,00 mudpack with full body massage € 89,00 mudpack with partial massage € 74,00
Goat butter cream has a long tradition of soothing dry and itchy skin. It also supplies important minerals and vitamins to counteract the aging process and is cell-activating. The fragrant oil makes the skin wonderfully soft. approx. 25 minutes € 42,00
Anyone who suffers from psoriasis, eczema or itchy, irritated skin, will find relief with this treatment. Enveloped in 12% brine-soaked sheets, you will experience a feeling of wellbeing. approx. 25 minutes € 42,00
The tangy-woody bath is good for men's skin. Goat butter, aloe vera, almond and sunflower as well as soya and grape seed oil provide moisture and make the skin soft and smooth.  approx. 25 minutes € 42,00