The experience begins with a fragrant aroma bath with a touch of fresh exotic followed by a cleansing sea salt exfoliation which removes dead skin cells. Afterwards we will pamper you with a warm aromatic oil massage.

Selected fruits and a Tropic cocktail will be served. Enjoy your time together in the blossom steam bath. Ylag-Ylang, yasmin and Caribbean fragrances enchant – Hawaii is near.

The cosy waterbed gives you plenty of time for cuddling and resting.

Approx. 150 min. price for two € 180,00

Enjoy this wonderful time together! Harmonious aroma bath in the blossom steam oasis, papaya and pineapple peeling with sea sand and with nourishing coconut oil, followed by an exclusive beauty bath “legend” of St. Barth and a relaxing body massage “harmony”. Fresh fruits and an exotic cocktail in the waterbed invite you to linger and to daydream.

We will give you a small souvenir to take home – you will definitely have a long lasting memory of this wonderful ceremony.

approx. 180 min. price for two € 250,00

Aroma bath, fresh fruit and Caribbean cocktail
approx. 60 min. price for two  € 58,00
bookable within our “Beauty- & Verwöhn” selection (= 2 treatments)

Aroma bath, blossom steam bath, fresh fruit and Caribbean cocktail
approx. 90 min. price for two € 72,00