NANO nebulization in the SanaSpa cabin

SanaSpa salt water from the Dead Sea and high-quality olive oil are nebulized in nanoparticles. Vitamins, minerals and trace elements are released. The body is covered by nano-mist, the active ingredients are supplied directly to the body through the skin and respiratory system. With soft music and pleasant colours you can relax. The cabin can also be used by two.


  • Anti Aging effect
  • Improves skin structure
  • Tightening effect on skin and tissue
  • Improves appearance of skin
  • Supports the metabolism

1 treatment € 15,00
3 treatments € 42,00
or 2 treatments as 1 inclusive treatment in packages 


We recommend a full body peeling before a bath so that the skin can better absorb the nurturing ingredients.

approx. 15 minutes € 31,00

Back or legs are kneaded vigorously, tension in the back or legs is loosened.

approx. 25 minutes € 33,00

Gentle pumping and stretching helps to move the lymph forward and drains the connective tissue.

25 minutes € 39,00

This massage technique was already known in India and China 5000 years ago. Pressure points correspond to different body organs, and massaging them has a beneficial effect on your wellbeing.

approx. 25 minutes € 33,00

The classic massage is performed with warm, highly effective essential oils and will leave you feeling relaxed.

approx. 25 minutes € 39,00

The massage is carried out with a very flat hand, has a harmonizing and calming effect.

approx. 25 minutes € 33,00

Releases blockages and gives new the life energy. A tingling sense of wellbeing spreads through the entire body. A wonderfully relaxing treatment, especially for those suffering from stress.

approx. 25 minutes € 33,00

A bath with pure sea salt. While you relax the body functions are stimulated. The bath alleviates skin problems, and has a purifying and detoxifying effect.

approx. 20 minutes
€ 32,00 for one person
€ 42,00 in pairs

Classic Thalasso bath with micro-algae in pure, natural form. This maritime power package of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids stimulates the metabolism, purifies, detoxifies, moisturizes, relaxes, remineralizes and has a firming effect on the entire body.

approx. 20 minutes
€ 32,00 for one person
€ 42,00 in pairs